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We personally have been treated by Dr. Chen with Acupuncture and Herbs with excellent response. Our symptoms treated were the following: a. Episodic Migraine effects with a symptom of sudden/blurred and/or tunnel vision. b.Diabetic peripheral neuropathy in both feet. c.Acute muscle spasm and sprain. d. Pain relief most effective and better option than a poor choice of opioids. e. “IBS”, gastric indigestion with GERD also adding herbs. f. Herbs also offer help for osteoporosis. It is our pleasure to write a positive review for Dr. Hedy Chen and her Clinic in Georgetown, TX.

My wife and I are retired, my wife has a background in Health Sciences and myself M.D. FACR with specialty in Radiation Oncology and Oncology. During my 40 years of active practice both academic as Full Professor at OU Medical Center and private practice at Norman Regional Health Center in Oklahoma. One never stops learning in medicine however you must have an “open mind” to all treatment modalities. Thus I do believe in Acupuncture, Energy Medicine, and Auriculotherapy as options to traditional “western world medical treatments”. Our personal experience with Dr. Chen and her Clinic has been most positive. She provides care that meets my office motto which is “SEEK” Service Expertise with Exceptional Kindness above your expectations. It is refreshing to have a doctor sit and offer consultation with her full attention taking notes on a clipboard. Often a doctor will sit doing a consultation with their “head in a computer screen taking notes” never looking at you the patient.

Last point my wife and I leave with you the reader. IF you are skeptical of alternative medicine – our sincere advice is to approach Dr. Chen for treatment with an “open mind”. Read in your Bible (KJV) Proverbs 3:5-6!

Blessings. Stephen and wife Georgetown, TX, 2020, Google review

“My wife and I have been Hedy clients since she first opened her clinic in Georgetown in 2010, I think. I spent several years as an administrator at a Chinese Medicine college in Austin, so I got to know all the students and faculty at the school, and we used the services of many of them. I have been more pleased with Hedy’s work than with any of the other practitioners I’ve encountered. We have a laundry list of chronic ailments, none of which are curable, so we see Hedy for pain management and recurring allergy issues.

I am seeing her most recently for knee & leg pains and an issue with my right eye. Hedy’s knowledge and expertise with needles and herbs are reducing the chronic pain I feel in my joints.

I have been experiencing a sticky, greenish ooze from my right eye; my MD and my ophthalmologist have no idea what’s causing it, and don’t seem too interested in finding out about it. With Hedy’s treatments, the oozing is diminishing and seems to be clearing up.

I have had problems with plantar fasciitis in the recent past. I spent several months with a podiatrist who first gave me a shot in the heel, which worked for several weeks. When the pain returned, I went back to her; her plan was for me to buy VERY expensive shoe inserts, and if that didn’t work, to have surgery. I decided to try Hedy for it. I had four or five treatments and the pains disappeared. That was fifteen months ago. I now have an infrequent, dull ache in the heel after I get too carried away pushing my mower around the yard and digging holes for trees.

My wife is enjoying far fewer affects from her allergies and all the allergenic materials in this central Texas air.

We both believe strongly in Hedy’s skills and abilities, and recommend her to everyone we encounter who is having any kind of health issues.”

—Grant G.

“It was back in September of 2009 when I started having a very strong pain in my left thumb then I got worried, went to see my doctor and they told me I had tendonitis. Before long they prescribed me muscle relaxers, but I had heard that they just stop pain temporarily and it always comes back, so I have always believed that the best medicine is the natural one, and since I do believe in acupuncture, cause I had been treated for other ailments before, decided to go to the acupuncture clinic. Hedy treated me for about 5 months through all my treatment. I was treated very nicely there and she was very conscious and treated me as if I was the most important patient there, asking me questions and making sure she heard what my problem was. She spent all the time with me to make sure I was taken care of. I did receive treatment for my tendonitis and also took some herbs with it which I think helped me with my whole recovery. I can tolerate cold much better now. I thought I was never going to heal but going there and taking the herbs, my hand started feeling better after each treatment session, It took me almost 5months to really heal completely but, I think all was because of the acupuncture and the herbs that I took daily during the time. Thanks to you and your staff I am back to work now, and taking care of myself better.”

—Lina M. Round Rock, TX

“Dr. Chen was not only extremely professional but educated me on every step of her treatments. The office is meticulously clean, well organized and comfortable. I have had a variety of symptoms that she was able to find the origin and start treatments. Within a short period of time she not only was able to treat a terrible case of the flu without antibiotic, but many other symptoms, including ones I have battled with for years. Getting well is a process and cannot be an overnight “drug” cure that can have terrible side effects.

Her skill at diagnosis was exceptional and her insights into other related symptoms as well. I discovered things I needed to be made aware of and how to approach them in the future Her pharmacy of natural herbs is customized to each patient and their needs. I have found in a short time general overall improvement and a sense of well being. Her philosophy of health and its relationship to stress, age, diet was integrated and compassionate.

After a short few weeks my awareness of what I need to do and the improvements are a welcome relief. The reduction of some personal problems and pain have been remarkably obvious. It was an honor to have her taking care of me. Her skills can address just about any condition, and the results are unquestionably real. I wish I had had more time, but look forward to next winter and continuing health improvements under her care.”

—Kathleen R. Georgetown, TX / New York

Thank you, Hedy, for creating such a place of peace! It has felt like a kind of sanctuary for me as you guided me through the healing process. Not only have my digestive problems radically improved, but stress and anxiety have lifted from my mind and spirit as well. I have grown stronger week by week — I even walked six miles yesterday — and my joy in even the little things of daily life has returned.

I am now being able to sense God’s presence in my life again.  I have not had an episode of vertigo since we began, and the severe tinnitus of the past 10 years is scarcely noticeable. Thank you for helping me understand that the cost of the treatment is temporary but being holistically restored to a fully functioning life is priceless! I am more grateful than words can say that you do what you do, and I hope that all who need healing will trust themselves to your care.

—Gratefully, Charlotte M., August 11, 2018

“Hedy is very professional and caring. The acupuncture treatments I have been receiving have truly helped me work thru some tough transitional female issues. Hedy spends a lot of time asking questions and listening to provide the best treatment possible. While most people have been suffering from Ragweed allergies, mine have been cut in half, if not more…and I usually suffer greatly! I recommend her highly!”

—C. Reaka, Georgetown, TX (from

“I began to receive acupuncture and Chinese herb therapy from Hedy Chen in October 2010, hoping it would help me stop drinking alcohol. I have been able to quit drinking, and within one month my liver functions returned to normal. I have more energy and just feel better. I no longer experience dry, fragile skin or bruising.”

—Jennifer H. Georgetown, TX

“I highly recommend Hedy Chen for acupuncture treatments. She has treated me for pain from sciatica and from a hamstring injury, and for stress and anxiety. I have recommended colleagues to Hedy for migraines and sports injuries.
You’ll find Ms. Chen to be very thorough and competent. She knows her anatomy and she studies to stay to keep herself knowledgeable about medical issues and how acupuncture helps the body function properly. I and my colleagues are impressed and grateful to her for the treatments. You have to try it for yourself!”

—Annine M.

“I dreaded the stairs to my second floor apartment because my knees were going to hurt something awful each step of the way. In addition to my knee joints; my shoulders, lower and upper back were in crisis. My acupuncturist Hedy Chen within a short period of time, using acupuncture and herbs, did what Western medicine could not do. She made me pain free.

Now I can climb stairs without the slightest discomfort and my other joint issues are a mere shadow of the past.

In addition to my joint issues, I have also suffered for years with inner ear problems due to allergies, severe sinus pressure and draining during the spring and summer seasons. Drugs have given me temporary relief with horrible side effects. My natural treatments with acupuncture and herbs have improved my symptoms 90%.”

—Nelvia H., Leander, TX

“This year I made a life changing decision to go back to school and get my masters degree at age 40. Along with this decision came a high level of stress, the reemergence of chronic headaches and insomnia. I have tried many medications to control my headaches, but many of the medications have side effects that are worse than the headaches themselves. Acupuncture was my last resort, and as it turns out, the most successful way of dealing with the stress, headaches, and insomnia.

I met Hedy by chance one year ago. Her acupuncture treatments have kept my headaches at bay and calmed the stress and tension that come with being a student and a mother. Hedy listened carefully to my concerns and has created acupuncture treatments that are calming and soothing. I walk out of the office relaxed and refreshed. My headaches are much less frequent and I fall asleep easily at night. I know that when life gets stressful I can Make Appointment with Hedy and she will be able to calm me with acupuncture and have me ready to face the next challenge with a clear, calm mind.”

—Stephanie C., Cedar Park, Texas

“Hedy is a gifted acupuncturist with a unique skill in facial rejuvenation. For many months, I had a weekly appointments with Hedy for body tune-ups and “face lifts” and could see the results both immediately and long range. I highly recommend Hedy for all your acupuncture needs and preferences.”

—Virginia P., Ph.D., Austin, Texas